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We have compiled a list of questions that we often encounter in our work. We hope you will find the answer to your problem. However, if you find that your problem is not solved, please contact us directly. You can also find out more about repellents in general on this page.

Dr. Repel insecticide is approved and registered as a 'repellent' by the Finnish authority TUKES.

The product was previously registered as an insecticide, but after obtaining a renewal licence the product was changed to an insecticide. The composition is the same as before.

The authorities have verified the safe use of the product and it has therefore been authorised for use in horses and ponies. The product cannot be used on other animals as the authorities have only assessed its suitability for horses and ponies.

The product is safe to use according to the instructions of the authorities on the bottle. The instructions for use are therefore provided by the authorities.

The most feedback we have received is about the infrequent treatment cycle of 10-14 days. We have made a request to the authorities that the treatment could be done after washing and brushing, as the product comes off the coat, especially after washing, but the authorities have not changed their mind.

It is advisable to treat the horse in different areas, so that the same area is treated every 10 days.

The efficacy of Dr.Repel insecticide is based on EU biocide legislation. For each active ingredient, the manufacturer has carried out a 'repellent' property study, resulting in the active ingredient being granted biocide status by the EU authorities. The Dr.Repel insecticide product contains four different insect repellent biocides.

For pregnant horses, the product may be used according to the instructions on the bottle.

The empty bottle must not be washed and must be disposed of as such in mixed waste.

Insect repellent in general

There are several different methods of repelling insects. For example, zebra traps or fly swatters for horses have become more common in recent years and have been shown to provide good protection against flying insects.

There are also products on the market that are based on traditional knowledge, are organic and have an effective insect repellent effect. One of the oldest practices is to use pitch oil in various preparations. These organic products cannot be called repellents or insecticides under biocide legislation because they do not contain biocides authorised in the EU.

Insect repellents are organic products that are particularly suitable for pets. For allergic horses, organic products can be a good solution. In any case, there are insects around the clock at the stables and some way of keeping flying insects away has to be found.

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