Dr. Repel - Pest control against flying insects

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When the field season for horses starts, the insects can´t be far behind. Among irritation and nuisance, insects can cause some real health problems for horses. Insect bites itches and stresses horse and they can even cause a loss of appetite.

Effective and long lasting

Dr. Repel is extremely efficient pest control against flying insects. It protects horses and ponies from mosquitoes, gnats, flies and horseflies. It has also found to prevent ticks from attaching to horses.  Pest protecting control lasts even for two weeks when the product is correctly used.

Dr. Repel pest control is water soluble. Reapply if animal is washed or exposed to heavy rain. Best results are achieved when the product is used regularly.

Before using read the product information. Dr. Repel is registered pest control.

Active ingredients:

Permetriini / Permetrin 1,6 g/l

Sypermetriini / Cypermetrin 1,0 g/l

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium –uute /-extrakt 2,0 g/l

Piperonyylibutoksidi / Piperonyylibutoxid 15,0 g/l

Other ingredients:

Aqua, etanol, carpomer, triethanolamine, potassium sorb.